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Health - the optimal condition of being that allows for the ultimate engagement
with life.

Jesse Williams, MD (1920)
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Did you put your health on the shelf
while you built a successful career?

Do you want to get back in shape,
lose weight & gain energy?

Do you want a personal health program
that fits your busy schedule?

It all happens when you GET A HEALTH COACH NOW.
What can a health coach do for me?

Quite simply, a health coach is someone who will guide you in setting up a personal plan for improving your health.

But there’s more to it than that, because anyone can get to that point without much trouble.  A coach motivates and inspires you; and supplies the missing link of commitment, action and accountability.

In order for you to be successful in this life altering step, you must commit to what you want.  You know you don’t want things to stay the same, but in order for them to change you have to start focusing on making that change a reality, which is where your coach comes in.

Now your next question might be, why Get a Health Coach Now?
You should choose us because we’re the best.
At Get A Health Coach Now, you’ll work directly with our Professional Certified Coaches, Dietitians and Personal Trainers who have years of experience in coaching and managing health and performance goals.

We don’t rest until you are firmly on track toward your goals, taken solid action and seeing steady improvement.

With the Get a Health Coach Now program you will:

  * Get into action NOW.
* Build a plan NOW.
* Stop procrastinating NOW.
* See your health in terms of your whole life NOW.

So now you can see that we’re not talking about doing something tomorrow, next week or next month, we’re talking about improving your health NOW.

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Sherrie Dutton - Health Coach
Sherrie Dutton
Executive Health Coach
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